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{ Monthly Archives } December 2012

Routing Around “Traditional Telecommunications” at WCIT: More Comments on Securing the Open Internet in the Transnational Context

by Seth Johnson Further Analysis “Recognized Operating Agencies” Competition and the Internet Vertical Integration and the Internet Platform Some Notes on Defending the Internet in a Transnational Context Further Analysis My initial analysis of the contributions of the US Delegation at the outset of the ITU’s World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), concluding tomorrow, focused […]

Assessing the Prospects the WCIT Holds for the Open Internet: What the US Delegation’s Contributions Reveal

by Seth Johnson (also at TelecomTV and .NXT) The Question to Ask About the WCIT General Rhetorical Thrust of the US Delegation’s Recommendations Failing the Internet: What the US Delegation’s Recommendations Leave Out Protecting the Internet: Getting It Right First The Question to Ask About the WCIT The key question that Internet advocates must ask […]