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PP Resolution 35

PP RESOLUTION 35 (Kyoto, 1994)

Telecommunication support for the protection of the environment

The Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (Kyoto, 1994),

  • considering
    • a) that telecommunication and information technologies have an important role to play in protecting the environment and in promoting development activities at low risk to the environment;
    • b) that application of the latest telecommunication and information technologies, especially those associated with space systems, can be extremely useful in implementing and conducting environment protection activities such as monitoring air, river, harbour and sea pollution, remote sensing, wildlife studies, forestry development, and others;
    • c) that the application of telecommunication technology can reduce paperwork, which ultimately saves forests;
    • d) that telecommunication and information technologies respect the environment, and that the related industries can be located in rural areas in order to reduce urban congestion;
    • e) that in many cases telecommunication and information technologies may facilitate, more economically than other means of communication, rapid decisions relating to the protection of the environment;
    • f) that there is a need to disseminate information on these aspects, as stated in the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Agenda 21,
  • resolves
    • that the Union shall give every possible encouragement to an increasing role being played by telecommunication and information technologies in promoting environmental protection and sustainable development,
  • instructs the Secretary-General
    • 1 to carry out a study, with the assistance of the Directors of the Bureaux, and in collaboration with competent international and regional organizations, on a policy for promoting the use of telecommunication, information and space technologies for applications devoted to the protection of the environment;
    • 2 to prepare a report on this matter for dissemination following consideration by the Council,
  • instructs the three Sectors
    • to assist the Secretary-General in the application of this Resolution by providing him with all relevant information and by conducting studies in selected areas for evaluating and highlighting the advantages of telecommunication applications for the protection of the environment,
  • instructs the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau
    • to organize seminars and training programmes to meet the objectives of this Resolution and to encourage participation in exhibitions and similar activities for the same purpose.

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