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WTDC Resolution 63

WTDC RESOLUTION 63 (Hyderabad, 2010)

IP address allocation and encouraging the deployment of IPv6 in the developing countries

The World Telecommunication Development Conference (Hyderabad, 2010),

  • recognizing
    • that IPv4 to IPv6 migration and deployment is an important issue for Member States and Sector Members,
  • noting
    • a) that Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are fundamental resources that are needed for the development of IP-based telecommunication/information and communication technology networks and for the world economy;
    • b) that many countries believe that there are historical imbalances between the developed and developing countries related to IPv4 allocation;
    • c) that transition from IPv4 and migration to and deployment of IPv6 addresses is necessary in order to respond to global needs;
    • d) that many developing countries have not made this transition,
  • resolves
    • 1 to instruct the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), taking into account the ITU Council’s approval:
      • • to develop guidelines through Programme 2, as requested for developing countries, to enable adjustment of the organizational frameworks and policies necessary for migration to and deployment of IPv6;
      • • to collaborate closely with relevant entities (e.g. IETF, LIRs, RIRs, the Internet Society, in addition to others), to provide human capacity development, training and other assistance in line with Programme 4;
      • • to initiate the project under Programme 2 to assist developing countries, after having determined regional needs in respect of the transition, taking into account Resolution 64 (Johannesburg, 2008) of the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly and also the results of the work of Correspondence Group 1 of the IPv6 Group in the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector;
      • • to allocate the necessary funds to implement this resolution within existing BDT budgetary resources;
    • 2 to call upon Member States and Sector Members to provide the necessary support for implementation of this resolution.

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