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Unless it acknowledges key characteristics of the Internet, the World Summit on the Information Society will easily undermine it

WTDC Resolution 48

WTDC RESOLUTION 48 (Rev. Hyderabad, 2010)

Strengthening cooperation among telecommunication regulators

The World Telecommunication Development Conference (Hyderabad, 2010),

  • recalling
    • a)Resolution 48 (Rev. Doha, 2006) of the World Telecommunication Development Conference;
    • b)Resolution 138 (Antalya, 2006) of the Plenipotentiary Conference, on the Global Symposium for Regulators,
  • considering
    • a)that telecommunication reform has globally been implemented in many developing countries 1 ;
      • 1 These include the least developed countries, small island developing states, landlocked developing countries and countries with economies in transition.
    • b)that the reform is characterized by new laws and policies and the establishment of regulatory agencies to implement reform in a new dynamic international environment;
    • c)that the success of telecommunication reformwill mostly depend on the establishment and implementation of an effective regulatory framework;
    • d)that the regulators are called upon to maintain an effective balance of interest among all stakeholders by promoting fair competition and ensuring an equal-opportunity environment for all players,
  • recognizing
    • a)that telecommunication regulators have been increasing;
    • b)the importance of information sharing among regulators, particularly long-standing regulators and newly established ones;
    • c)the importance and necessity of cooperation among these entities at the regional level,
  • recalling further
    • a)the relevant Hyderabad Action Plan programme, especially regulatory symposia, forums, seminars and workshops;
    • b)the recommendations of past global symposia for regulators (GSR) on the creation of a global exchange programme for regulators;
    • c)the success of the global exchange programme for regulators,
  • noting
    • that the Telecommunication Development Bureau(BDT) has continued the Global Regulatory Exchange,
  • resolves
    • 1 to continue the specific platform for telecommunication regulators to share and exchange matters concerning regulatory issues electronically (G-REX);
    • 2 that ITU, and in particular the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D), should continue to support regulatory reform by sharing information and experiences;
    • 3 that BDT should continue to coordinate and facilitate joint activities relating to telecommunication policy and regulatory issues with regional and subregional regulatory organizations and associations;
    • 4 that ITU-D should continue toprovide further technical cooperation, regulatory exchange, capacity building and expert advice, withthe support of itsregional offices,
  • instructs the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau
    • 1 to continue to rotate GSR in different regions, to the extent possible;
    • 2 to promote the formal meetings of regulators and regulatory associations at GSR and encourage the participation of all associations;
    • 3 to continue to have a specific platformfor regulators and regulatory associations;
    • 4 to organize, coordinate and facilitate activities that promote information sharing among regulators and regulatory associations on key regulatory issues atthe international and regional level;
    • 5 to organize seminars, regional workshops and training programmes and other activities to help strengthen newly established regulators,
  • invites the ITU-D study groups
    • each within its mandate, to adopt the guidelines and best practices issued annually by GSR and to take them into account in their studies on relevant Questions,
  • calls upon Member States
    • to offer to the governments of countries in special need all possible assistance and support for regulatory reform, whether bilaterally, multilaterallyor through the special action of the Union,
  • requests the Secretary-General
    • to transmit this resolution to the Plenipotentiary Conference (Guadalajara, 2010) in order to ensure that appropriate attention is given to these activities, in particular within the framework of the implementation of the World Summit on the Information Society outcomes, and in regard to the role of regulators in the implementation of the strategic plan for the Union.

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