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WTSA Resolution 43

WTSA RESOLUTION 43 (Rev. Dubai, 2012)

Regional preparations for world telecommunication standardization assemblies

The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (Dubai, 2012),

  • considering
    • a) that many regional telecommunication organizations have coordinated their preparations for this and preceding assemblies;
    • b) that many common proposals have been submitted to this and preceding assemblies from administrations participating in the preparatory work of regional telecommunication organizations;
    • c) that this consolidation of views at regional level, together with the opportunity for interregional discussions prior to the assembly, has eased the task of reaching a consensus during the assembly;
    • d) that the burden of preparation for future assemblies is likely to increase;
    • e) that the coordination of preparations at regional level is consequently of great benefit to the Member States;
    • f) that greater efficiency of regional coordination and interaction at interregional level prior to future assemblies will help ensure their success;
    • g) that some regional organizations lack the necessary resources to organize adequately and participate in such preparations;
    • h) that there is a need for overall coordination of the interregional consultations,
  • recognizing
    • a) the benefits of regional coordination as already experienced in the preparation of plenipotentiary conferences, world radiocommunication conferences and world telecommunication development conferences;
    • b) that regional preparatory meetings for the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) have helped in identifying and coordinating regional views on issues considered to be of particular relevance to each region, and in developing common regional proposals for submission to WTSAs,
  • taking into account
    • the efficiency benefits that WTSAs have gained from an increased amount and level of prior preparation by the Member States,
  • noting
    • a) that many regional telecommunication organizations have expressed the need for the Union to cooperate more closely with them;
    • b) that, consequently, the Plenipotentiary Conference (Minneapolis, 1998) resolved that the Union should develop stronger relations with regional telecommunication organizations, as emphasized in the first objective of the ITU strategic plan for 2008-2011,
  • noting further
    • that the relationship between ITU regional offices and regional telecommunication organizations has proved to be of great benefit,
  • resolves to instruct the Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
    • to maintain the organization, within the financial limitations established by the Plenipotentiary Conference, of at least one regional preparatory meeting per region, the closest in time possible to the next WTSA, followed by an informal meeting of the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the regional preparatory meetings and other interested parties, to be held not earlier than twelve months prior to WTSA,
  • invites the Secretary-General, in cooperation with the Directors of the Bureaux of the three Sectors
    • 1 to consult with Member States and regional and subregional telecommunication organizations on the means by which assistance can be provided in support of their preparations for future WTSAs, including support for the organization of a “Bridging the Standardization Gap Forum” per region to address major issues of the next WTSA of interest to developing countries1;
    • 2 on the basis of such consultations, to assist Member States and regional and subregional telecommunication organizations in such areas as:
      • i) the organization of informal regional and interregional preparatory meetings, and formal regional preparatory meetings if a region so requests;
      • ii) the identification of major issues to be resolved by the next WTSA;
      • iii) the development of coordination methods;
      • iv) the organization of information sessions on expected work for WTSA;
    • 3 to submit, no later than the 2013 session of the ITU Council, a report on feedback from Member States concerning WTSA regional preparatory meetings, their results and the application of this resolution,
  • invites Member States
    • to participate actively in the implementation of this resolution,
  • invites regional and subregional telecommunication organizations
    • 1 to participate in coordinating and harmonizing the contributions of their respective Member States in order to generate common proposals where possible;
    • 2 to convene, if possible, informal interregional meetings in order to arrive at interregional common proposals.

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