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Unless it acknowledges key characteristics of the Internet, the World Summit on the Information Society will easily undermine it

WTSA Resolution 59

WTSA RESOLUTION 59 (Rev. Dubai, 2012)

Enhancing participation of telecommunication operators from developing countries

The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (Dubai, 2012),

  • recognizing
    • a) that the participation by operators from developing countries in standardization activities is weak;
    • b) that the majority of these operators are subsidiaries of developed countries’ telecommunication companies which are Sector Members;
    • c) that the strategic objectives of Sector Members from developed countries participating in activities of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) do not necessarily include the participation of their subsidiary entities;
    • d) that those developing countries’ telecommunication operators are placing particular emphasis on information and communication technology (ICT) operation and infrastructure deployment, to the disadvantage of standardization activities;
    • e) that the Plenipotentiary Conference adopted Resolution 170 (Guadalajara, 2010), on the impact of ITU Recommendations on the activities of Sector Members,
  • taking into account
    • the strategic plan of the Union adopted in both Resolution 71 (Rev. Guadalajara, 2010) and Resolution 123 (Rev. Guadalajara, 2010) of the Plenipotentiary Conference,
  • considering
    • a) that developing countries would benefit from effective participation by their operators in ITU-T activities;
    • b) that this participation by the operators would contribute to enhancing capacity building in the developing countries, increase their competitiveness, and support innovation in the markets of developing countries,
  • resolves to invite the Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
    • 1 to encourage Sector Members from the developed countries to promote the participation in ITU-T activities of their subsidiaries installed in developing countries;
    • 2 to develop mechanisms to support the effective participation by telecommunication operators from developing countries in standardization activities;
    • 3 to raise the awareness of the developing countries regarding the benefits of participation and of becoming an ITU-T Sector Member and/or Associate,
  • invites Member States
    • to encourage their Sector Members to participate in ITU-T activities.

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