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PP Resolution 190

PP RESOLUTION 190 (Busan, 2014)

Countering misappropriation and misuse of international telecommunication numbering resources

The Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union ( Busan, 2014),

  • recognizing
    • a) Resolution 61 (Rev. Dubai, 2012) of World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA), on countering and combating misappropriation and misuse of international telecommunication numbering resources;
    • b) Resolution 20 (Rev. Dubai, 2012) of WTSA, on procedures for allocation and management of international telecommunication numbering, naming, addressing and identification (NNAI) resources;
    • c) Resolution 78 (Dubai, 2014) of the World Telecommunication Development Conference, on capacity building for countering misappropriation of Recommendation ITU‑T E.164 telephone numbers,
  • considering
    • a) that one of the purposes of the Union is to foster collaboration among the membership for the harmonious development of telecommunications;
    • b) that misuse of an E.164 international numbering resource occurs where the use of that numbering resource does not conform to the relevant ITU‑T recommendation(s) assignment criteria for which it was assigned, or when an unassigned numbering resource is used in the provision of a telecommunication service;
    • c) that E.164 numbering misuse can take several forms;
    • d) that misappropriation and misuse of national telephone numbers and country codes are harmful and impact revenue, quality of service and customer confidence;
    • e) that relevant Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU‑T) recommendations specifically address procedures for reporting international numbering misappropriation and misuse,
  • aware
    • that relevant ITU‑T and ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU‑D) study groups are cooperating and collaborating on issues related to number misappropriation and misuse,
  • resolves
    • to continue to study ways and means to improve the understanding, identification and resolution of misappropriation and misuse of ITU‑T E.164 telephone numbers through activities of ITU‑T and ITU‑D study groups,
  • instructs the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau and the Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
    • 1 to collaborate in the effective implementation of this resolution;
    • 2 to collaborate so as to avoid overlap and duplication of effort in studying issues related to number misappropriation and misuse;
    • 3 to continue to work with regions, subregions and countries, in particular developing countries1, to develop national legal and regulatory frameworks that are sufficient to ensure best practices in ITU‑T E.164 telephone numbering management in order to counter telephone number misappropriation and misuse,
  • invites Member States and Sector Members
    • to contribute to the implementation of this resolution.

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