Recognizing WSIS Impacts

Unless it acknowledges key characteristics of the Internet, the World Summit on the Information Society will easily undermine it


Supporters Letter Signed by:

(Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.)

[Original signers]

  • Janna Anderson, Director of the Imagining the Internet Center, Elon University
  • Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation
  • Scott Bradner, Harvard University, long time IETF and ISOC participant, former ARIN board member and Network World columnist
  • Robin Chase, CEO, Buzzcar
  • Gene Gaines, Gaines Group
  • Robert Gregory, BSEE UCB, I.T. Director for a non-profit human services agency, and BSD, open source and IP network evangelist
  • David S. Isenberg, Ph. D., Producer, F2C: Freedom to Connect
  • Seth P. Johnson, Information Quality Specialist
  • Sascha Meinrath, Director, Open Technology Institute
  • John T. Mitchell, Interaction Law
  • Hunter Newby, CEO, Allied Fiber
  • Bruce Perens, co-founder of the Open Source movement in software
  • David P. Reed, Ph.D., Participant in the original design of the Internet Protocols and well-known expert in network and computing architecture
  • Chuck Sherwood, Principal, Community Media Visioning
  • Aram Sinnreich, Ph.D., Author and Journalist, Assistant Professor, Rutgers
  • Brough Turner, Founder, netBlazr Inc ., co-founder & former CTO of NMS Communications and of Natural MicroSystems
  • John G. Waclawsky Ph.D., Technology Advisor and Consultant, Chicago and Washington
  • David Weinberger, Ph.D., Senior Researcher at Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  • Brett Wynkoop, First provider of public Internet access in New York City

[Additional Signers]

  • Amelia Andersdotter, Member, European Parliament
  • Juan Carlos de Martin, Faculty Co-director, Nexa Center for Internet & Society at Politecnico di Torino
  • Jun Murai, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Faculty of Environment and Information Study, KEIO University, Japan
  • Lucas Gonze, Entrepreneur, Webjay
  • Robin Gross, Executive Director, IP Justice
  • Michael Gurstein, Centre for Community Informatics
  • Michael Maranda, Co-Founder, Chicago Digital Access Alliance
  • Tom Moritz, Knowledge Manager, Monk, Bean, Moritz & Ray Consultants (Los Angeles)
  • Ian Peter, Internet Consultant and Owner, Ian Peter and Associates
  • David G. Post, Professor of Law, Beasley School of Law, Temple University
  • Carolina Rossini, GPOPAI/USP
  • Clay Shirky, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University
  • Jennifer Urban, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, UC Berkeley
  • John Wilbanks, Chief Commons Officer at Sage Bionetworks
  • Deanna Zandt, Co-Founder/Partner, Lux Digital; author, “Share This!”

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  1. Dear One and all ,

    What world is required is internet of echo system and liberated internet with all stake holders and people
    of society including farmers , un educated , developing countries. It is struggle between honesty power and
    poverty and lastly religions castes etc, people created religions for power and greediness and criminal minds.
    population water wars , power wars , resources wars slef satisfaction or behave as animals. animals will have
    values and echo values not human race. In the name of money and power and mad minds People are acting.

    raju ks

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